Although this is a long overdue public announcement, the sentiment is still as sincere….

A heartfelt thank you to Janet Nichols and all at @yorkshiretradingco who (unexpectedly to us) decided to generously #donate significant funds towards our #Charity earlier this year.

This decision was solely & selflessly made by Janet as part of a collaboration made with Renaissance Curtain Accessories (another of our generous supporters) as a way of marking being one of their very 1st & much valued customers. This was in recognition of RCA celebrating 49 years of trading in December 2023.

To hear that Janet made such a selfless and heartfelt gesture was truly heartwarming and we appreciate such support & generosity shown in this way.
We recognise it wasn’t done for anything other than wanting to genuinely help others in need of our assistance, so although we don’t wish to cause embarrassment by making this post public, we do want to share such good news and gratitude publicly and to show # our appreciation for such a lovely gesture. Thank you so much! Unexpected donations such as this truly make a huge difference to the lives of so many people that we strive to help. #charity #support #smallcharity #thankyou

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