We provide support for those who need it in a number of ways. Each case we deal with is different and we treat each one as such.

To qualify you must have worked in the home improvement industry for at least 1 year and be on a low income.  It varies for each application because we look at your income versus expenses.

Find information on how to apply for financial grants, as well as a wealth of help and information. Get in touch for further information on how we can help you and your situation.

Apply for help

Apply for help

If you’re struggling financially and have worked for a qualifying company, apply for help here. 

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Help & Information

Help & Information

We provide help and information on a number of topics to help get you back and your feet. 

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Benefits calculator

Use our free benefits calculator to figure out exactly what you’re entitled to.

Have a question? Take a look at our frequently asked questions section... FAQs

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