The Rayware Group, a leading housewares supplier, is proud to announce a donation of 180 kitchenware products from their much-loved homeware brands to the Rainy Day Trust, a charitable organisation that provides support to those working in the home improvement and enhancement sector during times of need. This momentous initiative comes as part of the Rainy Day Trust’s 180th-anniversary celebrations and reflects their remarkable journey and commitment to giving back to the community.

As 2023 poses multiple obstacles, many individuals have found themselves facing unprecedented hardships. Notably, the home improvement and enhancement sector has witnessed an increase in individuals seeking aid from charitable organisations like the Rainy Day Trust. The donated products will be sold by the Rainy Day Trust, and all proceeds generated from the sales will go directly towards providing essential aid and support to those facing challenges within the industry.

By joining hands with the Rainy Day Trust, The Rayware Group seeks to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who have contributed to the industry’s growth and success.

Kate O’Neil, CCO of The Rayware Group expressed her support for the ongoing work the trust provides, stating, “ Rayware are delighted to celebrate the 180-year anniversary with the team at the Rainy Day trust. We’re always impressed by the initiatives, advice, guidance and range of practical help provided to the industry workforce.

The Rainy Day Trust’s representative shared their gratitude, “We are truly grateful to The Rayware Group for their generous donation. This partnership working will significantly impact the lives of many industry professionals who require assistance, and it exemplifies how companies can create a positive change by reaching out to their communities.

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We help retirees and employees from the home improvement industry who are struggling financially. Don’t suffer alone, let us help make those ends meet.

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There are lots of great ways to support the trust. For as little as the price of a cup of high street coffee each month you can make a really big difference to peoples lives.

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Making a donation, no matter how large or small can make a huge difference. You are welcome to make corporate, one off or regular personal donations.


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