This year the Rainy Day Trust has partnered with Pavestone to run a banger rally down to Monte Carlo and Nice.

The cars entered should cost less than £500 and teams can be a maximum of 4 people strong.  With over 30 cars taking part, the event runs over 4 days, starting in Dover, before driving to the first night stop in Luxembourg then on to North East Italy before finishing in Monte Carlo and on once again to Nice for an Awards Dinner.  This is our second run to Monte Carlo after last year’s runaway success.  This time, two charities will be benefiting; ourselves and the Teenage Cancer Trust. 

Throughout the Rally, the teams will have a series of challenges to complete and all four days will be spent in fancy dress.  Points are awarded for challenges completed successfully, quality of fancy dress and age and engine size of the car purchased – the older and more dilapidated the car, the more points you get!  

Each car is targeted with raising money for the Rainy Day Trust and TCT, so that we can continue to deliver the vital support and help that people from the home improvement industry so desperately need. Many companies from the sector are sponsoring the teams in what will be a major event for the Charity.y.

The Rainy Day Trust’s CEO, Bryan Clover, will be taking part in the Rally and will be presenting the award to the team that raises the most money for the Trust.  To sponsor the Rainy Day Trust car, please

We will be updating our Twitter and Facebook feeds during the Rally so that you can follow the Team’s progress so if you can’t join us, follow us!

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