There is a wealth of research available now that says that so many of us are suffering from stress or anxiety which can be caused by any number of problems. This might be as a result of financial problems and debt, family issues or a bereavement. Finding the time in a busy work schedule to go and have a face-to-face counselling session simply isn’t always possible. Sessions are frequently during the working day and waiting lists for evening and weekend sessions can be very long, leading people to put off trying to deal with their problems.

We have devised a programme where we offer 5 x 30-minute telephone counselling sessions that can be arranged to work around the caller’s daily routine. By calling our usual number of 0203 192 0486, the caller can ask for Telephone Counselling and be put through to our completely confidential service. We want to help people through those difficulties in life that they are struggling to deal with.

Are you working in, or have you worked in, the home improvement or home enhancement sector?  That includes DIY, builders’ merchants, hardware, housewares and other allied trades. Please note that ‘home improvement‘ is classified as work that is related to the domestic residential housing market, not commercial such as offices or hotels, or road building or bridges.  Do you have less than £10,000 in savings and are on a low income? Call us on 0203 192 0486 and ask for Apprenticeship Support. If you have any queries, you can e-mail us on

Download the leaflet

Download a .PDF of our telephone counselling leaflet


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