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We think that apprenticeships are an invaluable way of learning a skill for life and we want to support apprentices in the home improvement sector in any way that we can. Our aim is to work closely with our industry partners, to provide financial help to young apprentices as they work towards their qualifications.

That help can take a number of forms and might include:

  • Regular financial assistance to help with living costs.
  • Transportation grants to pay for season tickets or regular transport to and from training venues.
  • Grants to pay for tool kits or safety equipment.
  • Grants to pay for extra training modules to enhance their qualification.
  • Access to a welfare benefits check to check benefits entitlement.

Are you on, or are about to start, a recognised apprenticeship scheme within the home improvement, DIY or residential construction sector? Please note that ‘home improvement‘ is classified as work that is related to the domestic residential housing market, not commercial such as offices or hotels, or road building or bridges. Do you have less than £10,000 in savings and are on a low income? Call us on 0800 9154627 and ask for Apprenticeship Support.

Got a question about our Apprenticeship Support? Want to find out if you’re eligible? E-mail us on info@rainydaytrust.org.uk

Apprenticeship Support Leaflet

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Financial support for apprentices from Rainy Day trust

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Call us on 0203 192 0486 and ask for Apprenticeship Support.


Got a question about our Apprenticeship Support? Want to find out if you’re eligible? E-mail us on info@rainydaytrust.org.uk

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